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When it comes to the world of taxes you need a knowledgeable professional on your side.

We have the expertise you are looking for in a tax professional and can help you navigate your options.

Additional “Done For You” Services Our Firm Provides

Financial Planning has never been more important. There are so many other issues and problems which come up in the course of a normal business or family, that to list all of them would not be beneficial. However, there are a number of additional services our firm has had the pleasure to assist with in the past.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on our site or just need some more information on any of our services, feel free to contact us and we’d love to answer any questions you have and help in any way we can.


  • Investment Management Services
  • Life Insurance


Full Financial Planning
Portfolio Analysis
Mutual Fund Review
401K Review


What our Clients are saying

My brother and I recently bought our family farm. We were looking for a place that would be around for a long time to take care of all our financial needs for the farm and beyond. My short....felt like I was the only client they had. It was like they were a partner of our farm and wanted to make sure the farm succeeded. I was very impressed about the little things. Most folks know about nuts and bolts of taxes but it's the little details that make the difference. I'm pretty sure every nascar team knows how to race. But the team that does the little details best has the fastest car. I'm confident that there are other financial tax places in this area that are top notch. But I walked away from fountain financial thinking smart and classy folks.

Genuinely cares

Cale L.

Super friendly and a pleasure to deal with. Jeff is a top of the line accountant that will shoot straight with you and steer you in the right direction.

Super friendly and a pleasure to deal with

Waylon T.


Focus Training For Folks In Harrison

Focus Training For Folks In Harrison

Now that we're into June, it really does feel like summer is here. The air conditioning kicks in, the days are hotter ... and, if you're like me, "focus" becomes something I have to set myself towards. It doesn't just "happen" -- especially when the days are hot. It...

Instilling Financial Literacy For Kids In Harrison

Instilling Financial Literacy For Kids In Harrison

Memorial Day weekend can often feel a little disjointed. There we are with our burgers, our pools, our picnics -- all while we are supposedly remembering the sacrifice of so many thousands who laid down their lives in the line of duty for this country, and for the...

How You’re Missing Legal Tax Deductions

Here’s a certain truth: the State and Federal Government would love to have more of your hard-earned money in their accounts. Sure, even though it’s painful, none of us begrudge paying our legal and fair share of taxes.
But the problem is that regular taxpayers, like you, are missing out on legal and safe deductions, to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds every year!